2016 HayDays – 50th Anniversary Celebration!

2016 marked the 50th Anniversary of the annual HayDays snowmobile event in Minnesota, and it was our first time attending this highly talked about gathering of snowmobile and UTV enthusiasts. We were told that this one in particular would be one of the largest we had ever seen, and everything that we had heard about this event was on point. It was larger than we could have ever imagined!

Being that it was the 50th Anniversary of HayDays, the SnoBarons Club put together some special events, such as Levi Levalle’s record snowmobile jump. From what we heard around the event, it was also one of the largest that the organizers had ever seen. Most people come to see the expansive snowmobile displays, massive swap meet area where everyone and anyone is selling snowmobile parts, and the always-entertaining Terracross races that take place right in the middle of it all. Coupled with the Terracross races, spectators enjoyed a full freestyle show where riders put on a spectacle for all of the fans in attendance.



Another one of our favorite parts of this event was the Grassdrags. Let’s just say it right from the get go – these guys are nuts! And we mean that in an awesome way. The custom snowmobiles that enter into the grassdrags are so fast it’s crazy. It seemed like our camera could barely keep up with the action! In all reality, these racers have a team of people who help prep these serious race vehicles to make them hit amazing speeds down the track. We can’t wait to see them again!



If you haven’t been to HayDays before, then you haven’t really lived! Well, maybe that’s a little harsh, but we highly recommend that you put it on your list for future years. Make sure you bring the entire family too – the atmosphere is awesome and filled with things to do for the kiddos!

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