Having FUN in the sun…. Desert Bloom Rally Style!

2014 Desert Bloom Rally ~ C2 OffRoad Recap

There is no doubt that the sport of OffRoad has always revolved around family. Just look at your local race track or local riding scene where you’ll see mom and dad at the track cheering on their kids and also enjoying a little time on the quads or in the UTV’s with their family and friends. In addition to families enjoying riding locations, the sport of offroad has many events throughout the calendar year that take people to different locations around our beautiful country. One of those events happens to be the Desert Bloom Rally, which is held in Quartzsite, Arizona and plays host to many family-oriented activities, including a lot of riding!

UTV riders had a blast at DBR! And, yes, Rhino's were ever-present at this awesome rally...

UTV riders had a blast at DBR! And, yes, Rhino’s were ever-present at this awesome rally…

The 2014 edition of the Desert Bloom Rally, also known as “DBR”, was dubbed “third edition of the second annual”. Why the name? Well, the Desert Bloom Rally’s first edition was held back in 2008 and then went on hiatus until last year. Now, DBR will be held on an annual basis, especially after the huge success the event enjoyed this year!

Jason Cobb, owner at Five 2 Productions and promoter of the Rally itself, decided that Quartzsite was the ideal place to hold an ATV and UTV rally because of its diverse terrain and great accessibility. Located in between the metropolitan areas of Phoenix and Los Angeles, Quartzsite is mostly known as a mining town and a place where “snowbirds” flock in the winter months to get out of the cold temperatures in the Northern area of the U.S. Since the huge mining operations are all but gone from the area, the leftover trails that the miners once used are now free for all of us gear-heads to use. Let me tell you, the trails in Quartzsite are magnificent! More on that in a minute…

Has it been a minute?! Maybe not quite, but I can’t wait to tell you about the trails…. Holy moly! They are amazing! We traveled just over 250 miles during the 4 days of festivities and each trail brings out a new view, a new challenge, and definitely a new perspective of the Quartzsite area. We saw abandoned mines and cabins in the mountains, the Colorado River, and General Patton’s Military trucks back from World War 2. Talk about some awesome sights! Trail rides ranged in length from about 50 miles all the way to almost 100 miles, and each was equally as scenic and fun to ride as the next. If we weren’t dashing along a flat, sandy section, then we were enjoying a nice, manageable rock climb to get to the next awe-inspiring view.

The views were absolutely spectacular... All weekend long!

The views were absolutely spectacular… All weekend long!

Making the most our of DBR is what it’s all about, and the vendors at the “manufacturer’s midway” make the desert experience even better by offering everyone in the Quartzsite area the opportunity to see the latest and greatest products designed for their offroad vehicle. SXSPerformance.com and KC Hilites brought out their big haulers and made their presence known to everyone around. They also had items at discounted prices that everyone was swooning over. Literally, swooning…

In addition to all of the riding, vendors, and awesome sights to see, the staff at DBR put together a huge BBQ dinner (thanks to Pirate’s Den in Parker, Az. for the great pulled pork and chicken! Yummy!) for everyone to enjoy. While everyone was munching, the 2013 DBR recap video, put together exclusively by Turn 2 Productions, was played on the huge blow up screen. The night turned out to be even more awesome with a huge raffle that included tons of prices from KC Hilites, Screwie Lewie’s, Moose Racing, SXSPerformance.com, PRP Seats, and many more. All in all, almost everyone went home with something (I think the “Yuma” crowd lucked out a little more than most….Ha!) and the night was topped off with this great event.

Honestly, we can’t wait until next year! We hear that preparations are already under way to make the event bigger and better than ever with some new trails. If you haven’t checked out this great event, click on over to the Desert Bloom Rally website to check it out and view more information, including details on how to sign up!

Until next time, be safe in the offroad jungle…. We’ll see you out there!


***Editor’s Note: A FULL photo gallery with all of our images will be up soon. For now, please enjoy the images we have included, below. Make sure you “click” on them so you fill your screen with the greatness! 🙂 ***

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