New Hampshire’s Best Kept Secret: the annual Jericho ATV Festival

The story goes a little like this: 3 cohorts on a Kawasaki adventure meet up in Boston, Massachusetts to come together and galavant up to Jericho Mountain State Park for the annual Jericho ATV festival. What happens next, well, is a story almost as famous as the infamous dive bar known as the Funky Red Barn…

In all seriousness, the Jericho ATV Festival is an event that is located in a very rider-friendly area in the Northeast portion of the U.S., more specifically in the town of Berlin, New Hampshire. Berlin is a UTV-friendly town that invites people to drive their UTV’s and ATV’s on the street with proper licensing. With Saturday night’s street party and abundant food options in the town, people took advantage of this commodity and drove around like they were back home on the farm.

Besides the events in the town, the Jericho ATV Festival offers a large consumer event area at the main staging area. There were several manufacturer displays where riders could check out the latest and greatest machines from Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha, Bad Boy, Arctic Cat, and more. In addition to the large manufacturers, there were many aftermarket companies in attendance. Companies were selling everything from radios and sound systems to UTV hauling racks for your truck. Needless to say, there was a wealth of information available to all those who came out to ride.


Kawasaki brought us out to the event to experience the Jericho ATV Festival and to ride the updated 2017 Teryx4 and Brute Force 750 ATV on the amazing trails that New Hampshire has to offer. We say “amazing” because they truly offer a diverse selection of smooth, wide open trails as well as challenging terrain that even includes some rocky sections for an extra challenge. These varying terrains highlight the great capabilities of the Teryx4. It can be very fun to jump into the Teryx, open its V-twin power up on the open trails and use the high-speed components on the revised FOX suspension, and then slow it down to tackle the rocky terrain where the perfect clutching and superior low-range performance of the Teryx4 shines through. The updates for 2017 on the Teryx4 really shined in this terrain as well, including the adjustable seat and tilt steering wheel.


After our driving impression of the Teryx4 was completed, we swung a leg over the Brute Force 750 ATV. We have to say, there isn’t anything like opening up the throttle on this ATV with that signature Kawi V-twin sound. Once opened up, riders will appreciate the well tuned steering, which is offers precise turn-in to corners, minimal feedback when traversing rough terrain, and tight turning radius. The clutching is perfectly matched to the engine output, and the only gripe we have with how the Brute Force handles is in the suspension. We wish it was tuned to be a bit more progressive in the spring rates, but overall it is still very capable for riders who take this quad on adventures or use it around the farm. We also noticed how the Brute Force is very comfortable for different sizes of riders.

If you’re in the Northeast or you want a destination next year in August, we highly suggest looking up the Jericho ATV Festival as a must-attend event. Make your reservations in Berlin early so that you can guarantee a room in the area. We’ll see you there!

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